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Bubble chart

A bubble chart is a type of chart that displays three dimensions of data. Bubble charts can be considered a variation of the scatter plot, in which the data points are replaced with bubbles. Here’s Read more…

Radar/Spider chart

A radar chart is a graphical method of displaying multivariate data in the form of a two-dimensional chart of three or more quantitative variables represented on axes starting from the same point.

Polar area chart

Polar charts are data visualizations best used for displaying multivariate observations with an arbitrary number of variables in the form of a two-dimensional chart.

Bar chart

You can show grouped data with bars proportional to the values that they represent using the bar chart.

Geo chart

You can display a map of countries, continents or regions with areas identified by the values you specify.

Line chart

You can display a series of data points connected with line segments using the line chart.

Pie chart

You can render numerical proportions and divide them into slices using the pie chart.

Video Tutorial

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This is what I was looking for. I can easily update charts each month by using Google Drive for the spreadsheet. Adjust the numbers in the spreadsheet and paste a new url from the spreadsheet into this charts plugin, and the chart is updated. No csv needed. And the tutorials are very clear.



I bought the pro version with an interest to use Timeline graphs, and ran into issues reproducing the sample in my website. The support staff (including the CTO) took a few iterations of back and forth communication but were pleasant to work with, shared videos of what we were doing and seeing, and we eventually came up with a solution in a relatively short time. I’m quite happy with paying the $ for the pro version and the support that it comes with.

Abbey Fitzgerald

Abbey Fitzgerald

With some simple spreadsheet data, it’s easy to create a chart to display on your WordPress site. With a variety of available chart designs to choose from, they’re easily updatable, making them dynamic and accurate. This solution offers modern, legible designs that can be viewed on all devices.

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