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WordPress is known as being the most popular blogging platform in the world. But, apart from blogs, it can create powerful websites for your professional goals as well: online shops, business/corporate sites, portfolios, resumes, magazines and newspapers, multimedia galleries… and a lot more. can handle the blogs part very well, but it’s that comes into play if we’re talking about more complex websites, meant to bring you money.

So, in short, there are two WordPress platforms:

  • – the blogging platform
  • – the “rest of the sites” platform

But let’s take them one at a time and briefly point out their features and what makes them different.

  • Comes with free hosting, but you can’t use more than 3GB of space (for more you have to get a premium plan). Also, it won’t offer you a custom domain for free. You’ll only get a subdomain of this form:
  • It comes with limited customization options and themes to choose from. You can’t use other themes that are not in the repository.
  • You can’t install plugins. You have to stick to the few ones that come with the plans by default.
  • If something goes wrong with your site, you can’t handle the situation alone but you have to wait for the support team to get the things done for you. You always depend on someone else to solve the issues for you.
  • You can’t use your own ads on the site.
  • Your site is automatically secured, but you get only a limited range of security features.

  • It doesn’t come with free hosting, you have to do the research and pay for one. Also, you need to pay for the custom domain separately.
  • It provides unlimited customization options, along with lots of free and premium themes from third-parties.
  • You can install any WordPress plugin on the market, nothing is limited here.
  • When something is not working properly, you’re the king of your both back-end and front-end. You can solve the problem whenever and however you want.
  • You can use as many ads as you want and also keep all the earnings for yourself (it’s taxes-free).
  • When it comes to security, it’s all in your hands again. You have a wide range of security plugins and tools to choose from. You can take care of them manually or set them to do the work automatically.


There is another *underground* WordPress platform out there of which not many people have heard. It is called and it’s for professionals mostly – aka those who actually plan to monetize their sites and make money online. With, you’re the only one who has complete control over everything on your site.

On the other hand, there’s the much more popular, known for its awesome blogging services. It should be your choice only if you need it for personal, non-commercial use.

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